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Re: Grooming is NOT bad

Posted by blue_horiz on Tuesday, October 11 2005 at 5:11:10PM
In reply to Grooming is NOT bad posted by kahuna on Tuesday, October 11 2005 at 1:28:54PM

I always assumed grooming to be something that was wrong - by my definition grooming was to gain a childs trust in order to 'abuse' that trust into having sex with her when it may not be something that the child would willingly get involved in.

however, there is chatting them up or seducing/flirting them which I think is okay as a method of starting up a sexual relationship with anybody that you are attracted to. We've all done it esp when i was going through puberty trying all the tricks to get a girl to go all the way with me - if its something she didnt want to do then nothing would work no matter what age she was. Grooming on the otherhand would be to force a girl to do stuff with you that she would find unconfortable but as you go on and on about it it eventually wears her down into submitting. I think that the press in general go on about grooming a girl into doing stuff cos shes under a certain age - a girl doesn't get a fake passport and travel halfway around the world to visit a guy that she didnt want to see and were forced into seeing him! If he told her that he was the same age as her and lied to get to see her then he groomed her - if he was honest from the start and treated her as an equal adult then he seduced her.

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