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But whether they want a relationship is another...

Posted by Principia Mathematica on Tuesday, April 11 2006 at 03:49:44AM
In reply to Can children find adults physically attractive? posted by Enigma on Monday, April 10 2006 at 11:18:18AM

... question altogether.

I am regularly stared at by LGs and occasionally jump on the webcam and hook up with kids. LGs certainly do find adult men attractive and have crushes on them all the time. I've forgotten how many times it has happened to me. Just a few weeks ago I had a six year old girl wink and wolf whistle at me. LOL. ;-)

But whether they want a relationship or would consider it is something else. It's a matter of practical difficulty: friends, parents, etc. They have very little privacy and especially at the age of 10 to 13 they are very sensitive to what others think.

Do they find an adult body attractive? Well, yes sure. Keep in shape and tone up, and it helps to get rid of unnecessary hair. LGs can be fascinated with a male body in the same way a woman can be. As young as five they are looking for the same things and find the same things attractive, give or take personal preferences.

But under the age of 9, I think, other things matter much more than appearance. That's what I've found in my experience. That is, if you persue a relationship with an LG.

What's most important is to be, and act, more like a member of their peer group than just another adult.

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