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Would you hate me, if i said that...

Posted by Cheshir Cat on Wednesday, April 12 2006 at 0:48:41PM
In reply to I'm totally jealous!!!!!!! posted by LGsinmyheart on Tuesday, April 11 2006 at 03:42:03AM

...I lurk around schools? :=P

Though "fetish loving" really isn;t a good definition, most of the LGs i know, i met through one of the following ways:
* Schoolmates of my doughter,
* Friends' doughters and young cousins/sisters,
* Roleplayers, and -
* Friends of the above three categories

I practicly can't establish a connection with a kid, if our aquintance was not assisted by a mutual friend. I know some girls i simply met on the street, in the bus, or at various events, but with these mny freindship never really developes far. The love of my life was an exception, in two ways: i met her on the internet, at a website that had nothing to do with roleplaying {although she actually was into roleplaying}, and a year or so later we met irl for the first time - so our meeting followed none of the four ways listed above; the other way in which she makes an exception, is that none of the girls i know today can be attributed to her. She had few friends; maybe that's what enabled her to remain so unique...

Cheshir Cat

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