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Wikipedia articles gutted

Posted by Baldur on Saturday, April 15 2006 at 6:40:17PM

For some time, there was a notice at Wikipedia that the article on Pedophilia was "controversial". That was understandable. Also, the article had gotten rather long, too long for casual readers.

Even so, the gutting that has taken place goes much too far. The article makes a pretence of fairness, but still has many implied prejudicial comments. The "Childlove Movement" article was renamed "Pedophile Activism" and had some especially nasty and untrue comments. I altered a few of the more obvious cases, and replaced the links to BoyChat and GirlChat which had been removed. It is also obvious from the rewrite that the Antis are really hateful to boylovers, and essentially tried to remove all reference to girllovers from the "Pedophile Activism" article.

We need to keep in mind that the folks at Wikipedia are unlikely to look favorably at article clearly favoring our perspective, and I will also look unfavorably at an overly-long, poorly written article containing every possible detail. Still, I would encourage other posters to take a close look at what the Wikipedia articles have become, and make the minor changes necessary to create an unbiased and fair article. Citations are especially important. I would have probably re-written quite a bit more myself, except that I don't have the citations handy, and finding them by myself is a rather time-consuming process.

One thing: they do mention SOT programs, but they rather whitewash it. I think it would be interesting to include some commentary, with citations, to what this treatment really consists of, and how it compares to techniques used in torture.

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