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Remind me to start stalking you... ;)

Posted by jd420 on Monday, April 17 2006 at 01:19:14AM
In reply to A little thing that bothers me... posted by moetan on Sunday, April 16 2006 at 11:45:36PM

...she refused to even consider my argument and said that her husband was a police officer and that there were sick people out there.

...because while you haven't given any identifying information on yourself, I could probably find the teacher. ;)

...I think I know someone who could get her fired.


I quieted myself down, because I really wanted to slap some type of sense into her...

I know how you feel... but look at the bright side.

Because of you, 10-15 pedophiles in your class learned that not everyone is a member of a criminal hate group. That's a good handful.

Because of you, the rest of your class, which might be pressured to join a hate group, learned that not everyone feels that way. That's a good thing...

...the homosexual movement never had this luxury*, but discrimination against african-americans was mostly stopped (to the degree that it has been) when, and solely because, white students on high school and college campuses refused to take part in hate.

I know that speaking truth to power can seem... frustrating, dissapointing, and futile at times... but you've done a big thing, if you look at the broader picture - and I thank you for it.

If it makes you feel better, not every teacher hijacks their classrom to recruit for gang membership. ;) I can track down one teacher, for instance, who carved "nepiophile" into a keychain for one of his students with no questions asked, and used to be an adult consultant for a nationwide US highschool project. ;) you're not alone, either. ~huggles~ Thank you for the historic blow you've struck. ;)

Congratulations. Not everyone has the courage to change the world.

Well, I come to think that if children think like adults then woulden't the movement for your rights be harder to really be accepted?

Heh. I've often thought that if adults think like adults, this whole thing never would've started in the first place...

...but you're right... it's usually only for the first 2-3 decades that people have faith or assumption that the world and the people in it have the minimal sense and human decency that they should, which is why almost all advances in human rights have come from, well... children, youth, and young adults, time 'n time again.

~huggles~ Thank you.


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