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new doubt..

Posted by R2-D2 on Saturday, June 10 2006 at 11:42:50PM

Hi ppl again.
my new doubt is if I should talk to "be"(11), my crush, about sex, because I thinks she wanna talk about that, I've noticed everytime she's around me she kind of looks for an opportunity to comment about it, or something related to couple's intimacy.. maybe because I told her I was in love with her.. don't know.. the other day she showed me an interview of one of her fave actors, only the part when he said "I had sex for the first time at 17" she said that's gross!! to what I respond:
-NO IS NOT err.. um.. What's the deal? I did that at 13 (true)and it is beautiful if you do it with someone you love -
I regret that, it was stoopid, but she turned her face and I saw that little head processing info.. oops
between other times, yesterday she asked me if she could send me an sms of teletubbies and it was a joke about the teletubies making love, using their strange way to speak (cannot translate)I answered "that's funny"

so I'd be glad to teach her what she should know about it but I'm scared of her parents realizing I am telling her that. I could swear their parents don't even mention a word abouit the subject to her.. sad.

any ideas of how can I educate her without using a direct method?

btw I don't even think about teaching her practics.. not that I don't dream about it but you know already.. society brainwash.. I want her happy for life!

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