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To Taf-Kat (David)

Posted by tyciol on Thursday, July 06 2006 at 07:24:43AM

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Dear David, sorry for posting here but couldn't find any e-mail address.

Hey man, read your journals, enjoyed the pics too. I'm glad to hear you got off with probation, jail's a dangerous place and people who hurt no one don't deserve to be in with disgusting drug-dealing robber thieves, who would probably hurt you somehow seeing their crimes as nothing in comparison (when it's really the reverse).

I can't say I like football, or that I'd keep physical materials of anything (though that might be because I live with my mom and lil bro who wouldn't get it, am 20 and been pedo for... well pretty much ever, moreso in the last five years. Not quite the exhibitionist yet, maybe I'll do that when I've a more marketably physique... to be honest, I think downloading the illegal stuff (even if not morally wrong) is too much a risk and strive to control sexuality within legal format. I'm not faulting you for it though, temptation can be quite strong at times. I'm more fortunate in that I'm such an anime geek I probably find them (or cosplayers) more attractive than real people.

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Your sons sound like cool guys. I can almost hear them thinking "yeah, dad likes girls our age, but so do we" or something like that. For a short time I hated older guys who dated young girls, but that was really only jealousy because I wanted the girls :) Hell, I just looked, Robert (cool, my middle name!) is even older than me now =P

I hope things are looking up and stuff. What's this 'day release therapy' thing you mentioned? Vogue Bambini sounds nice but I don't understand italian, anything english? Man, I gotta learn some Japanese. I'm impressed by your journal-keeping abilities. It's something I've been attempting to accomplish but it's hard to log every day, so I do so intermittantly with mega-posts.

It's saddening to read about the consequences, Penny really shouldn't have left you like that, and father dying really stinks.


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