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Posted by BB on Monday, July 17 2006 at 7:57:27PM
In reply to question for all posted by Norbert on Monday, July 17 2006 at 7:27:07PM

Maybe people are happy with the way things are. I'm serious. They are talking about boys and girls, looking at YouTube videos, occasionally jerking off at child porn (not you), talking about how sad the world has become. Maybe it's because pedophiles do only care about themselves. Not giving a shit that the world is going to hell, because they can still be with kids as long as they don't mention their special feelings for them. Those who do get in trouble, that's just bad luck. Why waste money on activist projects when forums like GirlChat and BoyChat are still legal. Maybe pedophiles are egoistic pigs?

I wouldn't call it "egotistical" in the sense that you mean. It's more like self-preservation. Most pedosexuals see coming out of the toybox as a direct threat to their life and/or well-being.

Couple that with the fact that we need to be around children the way most people need air to breathe. No, we may not actually die without children, but we do die inside. Ask anyone here who doesn't have contact with children how they feel about it and I don't think you'll find many who can say that they are content to live a life without children in it. I know there's the non-choicers, but even they surely feel that they are making a sacrifice in abstaining from all contact with children. For one of us to be without children IS a sacrifice.

Put these two things together and you have a very strong instinctual drive to not rock the boat. I agree, it sucks, but it is what it is. Eventually, with things continueing on the downward spiral they're in, we will be left with no choice but to come out en masse and fight for ourselves. The way things are going, you can bet that society will eventually make it so that we are just as miserable in the toybox as we fear we'd be out of it.

Don't lie by telling me you don't have any money.

Why do you assume this to be a lie? I find this line from you VERY insulting. If I had the money to give to every fucking cause I want to give to, I'd make you all rich! But I DON'T have that money or even a fraction of it. I know, "every little bit helps" and if I had $5 to send to you, I'd send it. But I don't have it and a lot of people are in the same boat.

THERE is your answer, Norbert. This community is filled with caring people who simply don't have money to give. As Infinity how stressful it is being the GC Treasurer! It's stressful because it's like pulling teeth! It's not that nobody wants to give, it's that you're asking people to choose between paying your bills and paying their own. That's a tough choice and the ones who help us are shining examples of self-sacrifice and kindness, indeed! Look, I'm sorry that pedosexuals don't tend to be successful rich people (at least, not the ones who seem to find their way here), but that's the way it is. Fundraising in our community is a chore and it will continue to be for some time to come. I don't think you're going to inspire much charity by insulting the members of this community, really. You will get help when someone has help to give.



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