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Posted by Piz on Sunday, July 23 2006 at 7:34:17PM
In reply to Re: Ping: Todd; Re: you and your doubts posted by taf-kat on Sunday, July 23 2006 at 08:11:03AM

That was the sound of my head hitting the brick wall next to the computer.

On this subject, nothing much has changed since this thread, where you never gave anything like a satisfactory answer to the same inane accusation. People who are interested can read it and judge for themselves. As for your reason for not getting involved in the flame war between Todd and jd being because you missed it; well hell, I was sort of assuming that what I said would be taken to apply only to those who read the thread. How, by the way, can you tell that “the only reason” you never got involved with a thread is because you never saw it? Wouldn’t you have to see it to then decide your reasons for not getting involved? ;)

I’m off to bed, and will attempt to hammer out something for Todd sometime tomorrow. G’night.

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