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The Real Donald Shepherd!

Posted by emovocals on Wednesday, January 10 2007 at 8:55:24PM

I would like everyone to read this open mindedly, because I have deceivved you all for the past 2 years. I never was who I say I am. Never once. I don't like children. Maybe I did at one point in time. I don't. I only got close to you, told you things, made up lies, to fulfill my need for information. People have posted horrible things about me on the internet. Called me terrible things. The word pedophile? That isn't a horrible word to me, but I know that most of you are just what society thinks of you.

Does that hurt? Well, than stop being what you are. Stop telling people. Gosh, don't I sound like My "father" from his allegded letter? The letter that was made up? I am one hell of a writer aren't I?

I want people (outside of here, to read this) because I think they need to know. My age, my location. Every location. Has been false. Sure Web master, run my IP addy to see if that's true, I have used so many, you will have a hard time with that.

My wife tells me to get a better hobby, She thinks I am on the internet too much lol.

I shouldn't have taken someone's identity either. That was stupid. Using pictures of someone to gain information.

Well, I wish you all the best, and I hope that your not really preying on children.

Oh and permanently erase this name and all others asccocited with it.

There will be no emails to "mods" or "admin"

I no longer want to be associated with people like you.

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