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Re: a Scary GM.

Posted by Moth on Saturday, April 14 2007 at 08:30:17AM
In reply to a Scary GM. posted by Jensman on Friday, April 13 2007 at 1:55:12PM


I recently posted of an incident (rather innocuous) involving a 6-year-old girl here   /messages/391046.htm   which on refection was rather different. The girl might have been older, about 7 or 8. Also, when I first saw her and her younger brother from a distance I couldn't tell if it was a mother and child coming towards me. As she came closer, I began to feel the pleasure that we especially feel when we see such beautiful young girls. So, I already had a smile on my face as I looked at her and she had responded to my smile not me to hers. I was able to do this because I did not feel guilty in any way and I am sure she sensed this. That is probably why the girl in your scenario was apprehensive because you were trying to conceal your thoughts or feelings and children are quite capable of sensing this. As I have said in other posts, having lost much of my sexual attraction towards young girls, so has any guilt gone also. I have said I had no guilt over my attraction but it obviously had impacts on my behaviour as I have been in similar circumstances to yourself on many occasions in the past.



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