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Well, since you ask.

Posted by jd420 on Friday, August 31 2007 at 11:51:41PM
In reply to Re: Anthony Zinnanti has been registered. - Hey posted by media-gagged on Friday, August 31 2007 at 10:49:30PM

What is the number one thing you would want people to know about this community?

Where to find it. :) We've never lost the field in an uncensored interactive medium, it's harder to lie when someone can go read for themselves, and last but not least - the more recruits, the merrier. We're upwards of a fifth of the populace. I'd love to have all of 'em actively here. :)

I have a ton a of questions, namely, what do you go through when you realize that you have an attraction to children? Or, is that even the right question?

In my case, I was pretty damned young, so it was more of a constant premise or background assumption of knowledge. Eventually, however, somewhere in my preschool years, I noticed that people talked about trying to kill me. Usually slowly. Fun childhood.

If there's something that you think I should mention on the Joe Hicks Show tomorrow night, let me know.

:D Glad you asked. actual domestic violence prevention advocate amidst the bullshit is all we've ever really needed. IMO, don't need to do anything more than find and speak the actual truth on the subject - which goes in our favor and against the regieme, apparently - by the second link - by design.

...incest exemption law removal, "harboring" exemptions for 501(c)3 domestic violence shelters, accurate risk assessment and information - we profit, our signifigant others profit, society profits, paranoia (and discourse coercion) evaporates in the face of facts, the regieme changes for the better.

...that's all we really need.

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