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Re: Anthony Zinnanti has been registered. - Hey

Posted by LOD on Saturday, September 01 2007 at 0:25:14PM
In reply to Re: Anthony Zinnanti has been registered. - Hey posted by media-gagged on Friday, August 31 2007 at 10:49:30PM

Yes, let them know that not every pedophile is out to hurt their kids or want to hurt their kids. We're just people trying to cope the best way we can with our attractions that we have for whatever reason. Some pedophiles don't care, sure, and they're the ones that get all the media attention. I don't think Jack is one of those people who wants to hurt kids, he hasn't broken any law yet, hasn't hurt any kid yet, and perhaps you could point that out to them. Until Jack has broken the law, it's not really fair to attack him. Tell the parents that the best way to protect their kids is to watch them, not by hating some honest and open guy who gave them the benefit of even knowing in the first place who he was. Of course, you should say what you think is right, but I think all this is pretty reasonable. What say you?

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