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Re: Anthony Zinnanti has been registered. - Hey

Posted by Dissident on Saturday, September 01 2007 at 02:43:19AM
In reply to Re: Anthony Zinnanti has been registered. - Hey posted by media-gagged on Friday, August 31 2007 at 10:49:30PM

I have a ton a of questions, namely, what do you go through when you realize that you have an attraction to children?

Tony, I am a hebephile/ephebophile, meaning I am attracted to adolescent girls, not pre-pubescent girls, and I think this attraction base is every bit as common as adult homosexuality, probably even more prevelent. To answer your above go through a lot when you realize that you have a preference for minors. For one thing, you are used to reading and hearing in the media that you are an evil monster as a result of your attraction base, and before I found this community, I wondered if I was the only MAA on the planet who didn't kidnap and rape kids. I soon deduced that the media has launched a hate and disinformation campaign against people who are attracted to minors, with the government passing so many terrifying restrictions on us every year that I also feel guilty about my orientation being partly to blame for this nation (and others) being turned into a police state. We suffer guilt and confusion on many levels.

Or, is that even the right question?

What does someone who is attracted to minors in this society go through is a VERY good question. All we usually hear is how we are supposedly such a danger to society...rarely does anyone ask about how WE feel about being on the wrong end of the hate campaign.

What is the number one thing you would want people to know about this community?

That pedophilia and hebephilia are natural sexual orientations, we will not be legislated out of existence, turning this society into a veritable police state and declaring war on these natural orientations is not helping anyone, least of all minors, and the world needs to learn to live with us peacefully.


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