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I am proud to be a Pedophile!

Posted by Justincredible on Sunday, April 05 2009 at 06:18:33AM

I have fully embraced who I am. I have increasingly felt this way over the last year. I've known I was one for maybe 5 or 6 years, but really have come to love myself in the last year for it, and consider myself a true girl-lover. I feel that I have a special kind of love to give to children that not everyone has. And I am proud to say that my life is dedicated to that love.

I am so sexually intoxicated by little girls, yet I have come to terms with the fact that I may never get to live out my fantasies and that's ok with me. I do support the abolition or reconstruction of AOC laws. There are just way too many rules. I wish we could start our own utopia and teach kids in a loving and healthy way about sex.

Although speaking to that point another huge realization I have had is that I think that later on in life, if everything goes as planned and I have a successful company and have a good amount of money, I seriously want to move to another country where I can live like a king on 5 bucks a day, and well, have the opportunity to make friends and a new life, a girl-lover life!!

has anyone else ever thought of this? (of course you have, but how plausible is it?)

Well to carry on, I just want to say that I am happy. Of course we all get down once in a while and that is why we are hear to lift each other up. But just remember we are not alone, all of our loving hearts are united for the good of this world, and for every little girl and boy who need and cherish our love just as much as we do theirs.

Someone mentioned t-shirts the other day....I would love to wear an "I am a girl-lover" t-shirt but the fact is it might cause problems and I have realized if I want to love girls in a free non-suspicious way, I must conceal my identity as a girl-lover.

Which sucks in a way, but hey that's what we have GC for!!


I am a girl lover!! I am happy and I am proud!!


Ps. I get to interact with so many little girls on a weekly basis it is the most incredible experiences of joy and wonderment!

OMG I must tell you this story real quick....

Ok so today @ work there was this gorgeous little indian girl(dots, not feathers) 4-5 yrs old with her mom who was busy shopping and older sister who was about 10. I was assisting them, and then the little girl came up to me and was sticking her tongue out to show me the piece of blue candy on her now blue tongue...

She leaned in toward me with her tongue still out and the candy resting right in the middle of her tongue so I leaned toward her and said "mmm that looks yummy, I want some!" She seemed to like this and giggled a bit, a few moments later she came back and again was leaning in toward me with her tongue out, so again I leaned in, I swear she wanted me to taste that candy in her mouth, and oh how did I!

What a moment we shared...I ended our fun with putting stickers on her little hand, which gave me a brief moment of actually getting to hold her hand!!! I must say it was...Just incredible!!


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