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Some clarifications.

Posted by Kero Chan on Sunday, November 22 2009 at 06:06:17AM
In reply to My Dilemma/Chat Privileges posted by Lateralus on Sunday, November 22 2009 at 05:40:44AM

Hi Todd,

I'd like to tell you a few things to help clear up any confusion. You did make some very bad mistakes in the past. Threatening to out a poster (whose RL identity you knew) was a permanent bannable offense. The only reason that you were not banned permanently was because of your service as a moderator to GC. We appreciated it and showed you leniency.

The fact is that you stole a significant amount of money from GC and it's posters, and until this debt is repaid, we simply cannot allow you into chat (or to use the search features). That is part of the punishment you must pay. You still owe us over $1000 if memory serves me correctly (and it probably doesn't because Inf was the expert on keeping track of all that stuff). Once it's paid back, we will gladly allow you into chat again.

As for the trust issue, I can only speak for myself. I do trust you. You made some very serious mistakes and showed very poor judgment in certain situations. Remember trying to "cure" yourself of GL? All I can say is that most of us have been there ourselves. We do not live with an easy attraction, nor do we live in an easy time in history to be a GL. I know you're a good person deep down and that you don't want to hurt anyone. I also know you regret the mistakes you made in your past, both on GC and in RL. It's ok to forgive yourself you know.

I understand it's important for you to feel accepted in the one place in the world that really matters, the place with all the fellow Girl Lovers. For what it is worth, I am glad you have returned, and hope you will remain at GC. I think you have a great deal to offer the community and I know in time you will.

In summary, do not take our ban as a personal assault on you. If anything, the fact that we let you come back to GC should tell you that we think you're important. As for chat, you should try to set up a payment plan with us via email. Paying a small amount each month would go a long way in showing everyone you're serious about paying back the money you took from GC.

Stick around Todd, I'm sure I'm not the only one who wants you to stay. I hope the others will show you the same support.

Kero Chan

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