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To Dissident and The Anti's - -[ Stahntii's Best ]

Posted by Stahntii on Friday, March 05 2010 at 08:55:01AM

Anyone is welcome to use this anywhere at anytime.

Post begins now:

A couple questions for the reasonable rational ones among the anti-peds:

Would you let me live and even protect me from harm (harm from the ultra-hate-driven crazies among you) if I am willing to remain the closet pedo I am while retaining no interest in pursuing real life pedo-style contact since I know that - as long as folks like you are insistent upon pounding it into the mind of every child (without exception to the unique circumstances surrounding any contact they would ever have with an adult, and despite their feelings) – this would cause terrible trauma to come to them after such a brain pounding/washing had been “so lovingly” imparted onto them by well-meaning (yet grossly ignorant) people ?

Would you, I ask ?

Do you have any human compassion for such a brand of pedo ?

Or is every one of you so filled with hate that you simply want every last one of us dead ?

Do you care that I constantly ponder suicide due to fearing what the real crazies (extremists) among you want to do (and would do, if they had opportunity) to peaceful considerate non-contact peds like myself ?

But if you feel that the only way you can rest assured that pedo’s like me will not “act out” is by having us chemically or surgically castrated, keep in mind that I (and I hope all like me) will not ever accept that. I (and I hope all like me) will die fighting before we allowed such degradation to come to our bodies and therefore our spirit.

I ask (and plea) from the bottom of my very human (and very sad) heart, that you and your people take notice of (and treat accordingly) the following different types of characters:
1.) adults who are situational offenders and who either have or currently act against another person or persons will (for example – rape) or without their prey even knowing they’re being touched (due to, for example, their prey being asleep or preoccupied or drugged, etc., etc., etc.).
2.) adults who act, but only according to their young partners’ wishes.
3.) Adults who do not involve themselves with “underagers” since they know that - despite how much their actions may be according to their young partners wishes - they are still chancing much trauma coming to the life of their would-be young partner’s once others caught wind and pounding it into their heads that despite their feelings (or any unique circumstances of their relationship) they were horribly taken advantage of and abused.

Don’t the reasonable among you realize that there is a HUGE difference between these characters, and that miraculously (thanx the the fun-ness of riding blissfully-ignorant hate-trains) the difference never gets pointed out in major televised or un-televised debates on the subject? Can’t you see there is something wrong with this picture? Don’t you see that you all are afraid of the irrational among you as we pedo’s are, and that fear of possibly being branded a pedo-sympathizer (and even enduring physical harm) if you dared point out such a difference is keeping you from doing so. But is that something you are all about? Are you all about caving to fear of what the irrational extremist anti’s among you might do to you, if you dared point out some crucial and relevant facts? Now ironically, there is something pedo’s and rational-anti’s have in common. We’re both afraid of what the flightly irrational extremist anti’s would do to us on a whim.

But fear breeds fear. And fear feeds fear. In other words, the more that an otherwise peaceful minority has to fear, the more frustrated they become, and therefore the more irrational they become, and therefore the more potentially dangerous they will become, and therefore the more everyone has to fear. But is all this necessary? And is that a way of life the sensible ones among you want to contribute to? Is that a future you want to secure for your young, where everyone lives in fear?

So if this is not a way of life you want to support, and if you have any human compassion and understanding, please say so right here on this board!

I call out to any of you who has enough bravery to respond. Be anonymous, if you must! Just say something here! It’s your opportunity (your moment), to stand for something bigger and better than a simply a movement that only accomplishes the feeding of fear, hate, ignorance, and therefore all sorts of violence that develops out of it.

If you can see the difference between the above mentioned characters, and you feel it is a difference worth noting and pointing out, than PLEASE secretly register here and say so in an anonymous reply to this post.

Take this opportunity to send a message to the less intelligent extremist among you, that there is plenty of you who will feed the hate, fear, and ignorance NO LONGER.

I beg of you.

For the sake of peace, love, and objective truth on earth, as opposed to the continuation of hate, fear, and ignorance.



Mods, If you could keep this post at the top of the page for a week or so, I'd be very grateful. If not, Oh well.

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