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I showed up a bully!

Posted by Trucker on Friday, May 28 2010 at 0:13:08PM

I was at the truck wash yesterday when I saw a cute blond little girl about 6 yrs old wearing pink floral print shorts and a pink top. She was with her dad who was maddogging everybody who even glanced at his little girl. This guy acted like he was so damn tough I almost laughed out loud! Now I am not a man of violence but I had to show him up.

So I took off my coat to show off my arms (18 inches), I walked right in his direction, waved at his daughter (who waved back), and when he gave me a nasty look I just went over to him and asked him if he had a problem with me. He just shook his head and turned away. I was not going to get physical with that guy because that wouldn't be right to do that in front of such a sweet darling, but he had to know better.

I sat myself right next to him and just started shooting the bull about how nice his truck was (he did have a nice Kenworth) and other inconsequential matters, which he conveniently ignored. Finally he got fed up with me, told his daughter to come on, and walked off. I said goodbye to his daughter and she gave me a sweet toothless smile. What a cutie!

Too bad her daddy is such a douchebag : {

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