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the 3 little black girls GM

Posted by Feliz on Sunday, May 30 2010 at 5:34:37PM

n my native country(not mexico) there is an ethnic groups of black people. They have a different dialect that is no spanish and they live in the beaches selling food to people.

I see 3 little black girls selling something aged 7,9, and 10. I decided to buy something to get near to them. I asked them what are they selling and how much it costs. After I gave them the money, and said: you know what? this product you are selling is too spicy for me. So guest what I did next? I handed their product back to them and I said: please, keep the money so that you can sell the product to somebody else. They were happy and then I asked them how to say hi in their ethnic language.

After awhile, I saw them again and when they noticed me they said: hey that's the guy who gave us the money. And again I asked them how to say how are you in their dialect. I think is thankeeee. Something like that.

So that was my first GM while visiting my native country. I hope you all enjoyed as I did writing it


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