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Re: 18 common misconceptions about paedophiles and pae

Posted by lensman on Saturday, May 17 2014 at 5:39:34PM
In reply to Re: 18 common misconceptions about paedophiles and pae posted by EthanEdwards on Saturday, May 17 2014 at 4:06:12PM

It seems that your 'accurate view' consists of a mid-point between two extremes. One person says '2+2=4', the other says '2+2=6' therefore the accurate view must be '2+2=5' - so much depends on what extremes you choose as your endpoints...

I think it's a huge problem that, and a huge criticism of society today, that, for a phenomena that so obsesses people,that there is no real research, investigation or attempts to properly understand the issues. This is one of the hall-marks of 'witch-hunts' - people are no longer interested in the truth - as one poster to the comments section of an article on paedophilia said "this is not a topic we should be rational about'.

But, yes, as you say, we're arguing over details. I appreciate the attention you've given to this, despite us having a different outlook on the issues.

I'll have a look at n°2, keeping what you mention about qualifiers in mind.


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