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Aye there's the rub!

Posted by Trucker on Saturday, May 17 2014 at 11:14:24PM
In reply to 'No trouble at all' - that doesn't surprise me posted by lensman on Saturday, May 17 2014 at 3:16:00PM

In case you don't know, I served five years in prison for possession of CP and three years in outpatient SOT. After that and becoming a 400lb homeless guy because no place would hire me and I couldn't afford a place to stay, I got miraculously picked up by a trucking company that hires RSOs. Though I don't like driving a rig I stayed with it because there's a lot of us who can't get jobs after prison, and we've become a family of sorts.

Now I'm running the company after my boss died, except I'm finding my guys places to stay so they don't have to freeze to death in the snow come winter time. This is REAL pedophilia dude. Books and articles that we've been reading for almost 20 years since guys like Van Slurp started this thing from back in the day are good for awareness, but don't prevent us from being kicked out of hotels because we're RSOs, or sent back to genpop where we get shanked out of nowhere because somebody wants to get initiated.

But we still move on. Without us drivers on the road, life does not move for anybody. If it exists, a truck or boat brought it. After the week's over from bribing the bears because we're overweight, and being in court hearings to determine where a newbie's going to be working, we have our BBQs and sneak out to the pool every now and then. And yes we're jackasses; drivers HAVE to be like that, especially what we deal with.

In your case, you missed so many points I made to you that it's laughable - ROFLMAO laughable. My guys would've just told you to give some trailer park mom a few c-notes to screw her daughter. But that's not the MO of this board. I agree with you that we need to be civil.

But...I suggest you grow a real thick skin real fast if you want to stay real about being a CL, and handle some of the guys here who got their game locked tight. You can either break down or get down.

And you NEED to get a sense of humor. Life is what you make of it.

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