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A few suggestions

Posted by Theo on Monday, May 19 2014 at 5:38:17PM
In reply to 18 common misconceptions about paedophiles and pae posted by lensman on Friday, May 16 2014 at 3:47:33PM

If you intend to this for the general public, I think the tone is a little bit off. It's too academic. I would aim for something that looks like it belongs in a magazine.

Also I think #6 is extremely important and should be moved higher on the list. Many people will immediately recall stories of horrific abuse while reading #2-5 and respond with a mental YEAH RIGHT when told pedophile generally don't do those things. They may even dismiss the rest of the list as lies at that point and quit reading. The context that not all sex crimes against children are committed by pedophiles should make these other claims more palatable.

Another one really common misconception you might want to cover is the idea that child sex offenders have an extremely high recidivism rate. It's one of those things "everyone knows" even though it's objectively false.

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