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Spiritual anti-creationist.

Posted by sure_as_elle on Wednesday, January 24 2018 at 06:07:35AM
In reply to Religious Views posted by ChibiSmurf on Monday, January 22 2018 at 7:00:16PM

I believe in a collective cosmic consciousness pervading the universe, but not in any Christian or Jewish or Muslim way. "God" has no gender or form. It doesn't interfere with human lives, nor judge them in an afterlife. Its judgment would be meaningless anyway; what is a human's judgment to an ant? Similarly, what is a god's judgment to a human?

The afterlife is likely just reincarnation after a fashion: all our body's energy is recycled, our consciousness joins the Timeless Eternal Now (because time is an illusion), or else it too gets recycled. Or both could be possible, which would make it closer to regular reincarnation.

The universe wasn't designed, either. Nor created. "Created" implies there was nothing until the universe was created, and as we know from Einstein, energy and matter can be neither created nor destroyed, merely changed. (Spacetime is also made of energy, so there's no such thing as "empty space.") And something has to exist for "nothing" to exist as a concept, which is the only way "nothing" CAN exist. There can be no Nothing if there's no Something, so the only possible option is that the universe has no beginning and will have no end. It has always existed and will never stop existing. It just keeps changing, essentially an immortal cosmic lifeform.

All that said, I'm not a New Ager. Those people think the universe loves you and wants you to prosper, so if you aren't prospering then you're doing something wrong. Which is the same victim blaming stuff Christianity is guilty of. The universe doesn't interfere, and likely doesn't care one way or another about human suffering, any more than a human would care that there are always cells in their body dying by the millions at any given moment.

You could also call this the Giant Cosmic Amoeba theory, the universe as a vast life form larger than we can comprehend.

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