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Ah, I haven't had that feeling in a longgg time

Posted by balto on Wednesday, January 24 2018 at 5:06:53PM
In reply to Holding hands posted by Freedomday on Wednesday, January 24 2018 at 10:30:43AM

My girlfriend just turned 10 recently and it's been a long time since she did something like THAT - lol.

Actually, no. Now that I think about it, she's done that within the last six months, albeit more flirty, less clingy. That was a beautiful moment, if you're reading this: when you grabbed my hand and lead me down to the lake, far away from everyone . . . and we took our shoes off, and waded into the water . . . and walked along the shoreline, coming back up onto the bank at another spot about a kilometer along . . . then we explored the forest, ran and played like puppies, holding hands spinning in circles . . . and then we went home and you curled up with me to watch YouTube until someone came to break our trance. All of that really happened, and if you were standing there and I reminded you, I'm sure you would remember it too.

And for the record, despite the very occasional lapse in judgment or some necessary executive action on my part in order to defend you in this (because you keep telling me it's what you want): that's what all of this has been - mostly good. Despite the stressful parts. Actually, when we're together, it's 100% great and you know it; I treat you like a princess.

If you mind being apart for such long stretches of time, you never say it - also, I never say it purely out of respect. I hope you know that if you wanted to see me, I have a good probability of making it happen.

You have my number if you need anything. And I'm working out a car and hopefully a place to go - the door will always be open to you.

Your right, though.

- balto

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