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study: pedophiles, animal pics, nurturing response

Posted by Baldur on Thursday, January 25 2018 at 11:28:10AM

Filip30 posted at BoyChat about a study that compared brain responses of pedophiles and teleiophiles to pictures of baby animals. The pedophiles showed a heightened nurturing response.

Not a bit surprised.

And this is why the government and the feminists really hate us - because we're nice guys and they think it's easy to push us around.

(We've got some surprises for them coming up.)

Ponseti et al. (2018): "Decoding Pedophilia: Increased Anterior Insula Response to Infant Animal Pictures"

This particularly jumps out at me from the study:

"In primates, male nurturing is only known in some but not all, distantly related, monogamous species (including homo sapiens)"

In other words, the war on pedophiles is also a war on husbands and fathers, possibly with the intention of destroying traditional family life and through that is also a war on children.


• ( https link ) Filip's post at BoyChat

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