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What amazes me...

Posted by jd420 on Friday, January 26 2018 at 02:24:38AM
In reply to yup posted by Baldur on Friday, January 26 2018 at 01:38:16AM that even with massive right-wing terrorism - the raids on the CSC (because, not abusing children), Steve Jackson Games (because RPGs are satan), the Bush jr. closure of and other not-far-enough-right organizations, the satanic panic hoaxes, the raid on kevin brown for dissent, state involvement in the National Socialist Underground murders, censorship and total state media control (direct in most places, state-granted speech monopoly in the US), and more... has had absolutely no effect, and while any attempts at political involvement are futile (you cannot outbid a transnational drug cartel in political contributions, by the way, no matter how much you 'work hard and pull yourself up by your bootstraps'), so too does state terror... not change a damn thing. It's like not really giving a fuck is the language of the disposessed. Older generations tend towards massive opsec with small amounts of cannabis, but later generations walk down the street smoking pot. Older generations use "emailing child porn to addresses" computer security for relatively benign speech; younger generations post "want to trade pics" under their real name.

It's like not really giving a damn about a giant terror regime is the language of the disposessed. And it's working pretty well, on most fronts. Attempts at changing the world do absolutely nothing, but that's okay, because the next generation will just send millions to act illegally in public.

We've got an army just waiting to be mobilized, that has no idea how powerful they are.

...and we could equip them all with nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons potential fairly easily - our only real chance at political participation.

'till then, well... they're out there doing everything else that can be done in an antidemocratic terror regime; being out there in public, en masse, with total and flagrant disregard for the occupation or their own personal safety.

Sadly, "speak up for diversity" seems to be on the list of things counted as being as useless as political action. But... hell. The army is there, and they're doing the work they can - kind of heroically, tbh, in an "an hero" sort of way.

Maybe we should just accept that political action is meaningless (including, apparently, all-pervasive media control and a terrorist state), but that's okay, because a human-flesh army will, in fact, throw itself on the machinery of oppression en masse. Or, maybe we shouldn't accept the first part. ;)

In either case - the world's largest social movement is throwing itself on the machinery of oppression en masse. So, I guess we should be kind of relieved at that.

State terror can destroy human lives, but it cannot change a thing. I'd like to see a little more kids' lib... but that, too, is mostly going on in a "throw yourself on the machinery of oppression without engaging in the uselessness of political means in a terrorist state," too.


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