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The thing is . . .

Posted by rainbowloom on Saturday, January 27 2018 at 6:15:49PM
In reply to I heard something similar posted by walkinginthepark on Saturday, January 27 2018 at 1:04:12PM

"Social norms" are quite flexible over time - they can and do change.

The problem is not that the norm is "bad", it's that it only works well for the 70 percent in the middle of the bell curve. We as in society need to be able to accommodate as much as possible those whose range of attractive mates is shifted down, or up - because they naturally have the potential to be the brightest and most novel thinkers among us. Instead, we are denying those individuals the right to put together a life wherein their strengths can be put to proper use by enforcing moralistic and unrealistic laws that do more harm than good - so much more.

The social dysphoria probably results in "autism" for a great many of us, along with a vast array of mental illnesses that come with being psychologically dissociated for too long from one's surroundings.

It creates human "monsters" and sociopaths by deriving people of the chance to find and experience love with attractive mates (on every side, despite how different the result is portrayed with each).

What's happened here is an uncalled-for moral crackdown in response to the epidemic of child abuse in general in western society and a resulting shit in culture - in many cases for the worse - in order to force a greater number of individuals than is healthy to obey the 70 percent law.

What was lost? Love, mostly.

We are the last breed of hopeless romantics who were born to be everything a special someone wants us to be.

Many of those types of people have been geniuses in the past, whose art and inventions have shaped the society we live in today.

~ r a i n b o w l o o m

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