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Another thing

Posted by Hajduk on Wednesday, January 31 2018 at 3:01:36PM
In reply to bad in theory, good in practice posted by Baldur on Saturday, January 27 2018 at 09:05:05AM

Mormonism is an American religion. Not just incidentally American, but uniquely and inherently American. There are other Christian branches which are widespread in the US and small anywhere else, such as Baptists and Amish. There are other Christian branches which were founded in the US, such as Adventists and Witnesses. There are non Christian religions founded in the US, such as Scientology and NOI. But further than being founded in America, Mormonism uniquely puts America in the center of its theology. It isn't just Christianity in an American context, but an American-Christianity. And this is important because, again uniquely, Mormonism sees the prosperity, harmony, strength and health of the US in a theological context, as an inherent part of God's plan. In practical terms, this means that, beyond any benefit from their values, Mormons will attempt to pursue the best for America. They are dedicated to America in a way no other religion is, because so demands their theology. So, as a group, they will intentionally look to do the best for the US in a way no other religious group, even other America founded religions, will. Which means in practical terms more civic participation, more entrepreneurship and saving, more education (both to their children and personally pursuing it), and so on. To most Christians and Jews, the Promised Land is either Israel, or a future world utopia, and in both cases mediated by divine action which is unpredictable. To Mormons, it is America in the here and now. The theological difference creates differences in attitudes even beyond those depending on specific values held.

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