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They love hating us too much to know us

Posted by Baldur on Thursday, February 01 2018 at 02:00:40AM
In reply to So much hatred posted by Oakowi on Thursday, February 01 2018 at 00:24:01AM

The public loves to have someone to hate, someone to blame for all the problems in their lives, even someone to blame for their own failings. They want to feel that by hating and attacking someone they can maintain some control over the bad things that happen to them. This has been a common theme throughout history, in many cultures and religions. It is why primitive peoples blamed witches for illness or drought, and sought revenge on people who seemed a little odd - even feeling righteous about murdering children if they decided those children had an "evil eye" or the like.

And modern humanity is not really all that different than primitive humanity. It is just that in a stunning twist that in advanced civilizations like the United States and Great Britain the people have decided to blame not schizophrenics, people with other mental illnesses, or the poorest or least popular members of their community, but that portion of humanity with the strongest nurturing instincts. Even as they recognize the problem with blaming innocent people in theory and scoff at those cultures where the people still believe in witchcraft, they write new laws that only make sense if one believes in sympathetic magic in order to attack people who have harmed no one. A few people are able to train themselves to overcome their natural tendencies to want to cast the blame for the problems in life on someone who can be hated and reviled, but humanity as a whole? Not so much.

They close their ears to our facts and arguments, because they don't want to know the truth and they certainly don't want to know us; because they don't want to lose the scapegoat they use to cast their own sins upon. They truly love having us to hate, and wouldn't know what to do without us.


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