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good info!

Posted by Baldur on Saturday, February 03 2018 at 02:32:02AM
In reply to Good News! posted by hieronymus on Friday, February 02 2018 at 1:24:14PM

It is nice to see that the scientific community is beginning to recognize what we have known all along.

First, a more detailed link as hieronymus's link is to the blog in general and won't point to the relevant information with the next update:

I am glad to see that Jorge Ponseti's brain research tentatively confirms that pedophilic men tend to differ from normal men by having a stronger nurturing and caring instinct. I think we all knew that.

And Lahtinen et al.'s 2018 analysis of the Finnish Child Victim Survey of 2013, showing that a majority of children who had a sexual experience with an adult considered that experience to be positive, is also welcome. Much respect also to the people who implemented that survey in a way which asked children about their experiences rather than telling them what to think. O'Carroll's recent discovery of the 2006 Danish study by Helweg-Larsen and Larsen which confirms this data is a nice bonus.

I do wonder what the results would be in the absence of strong social signals to consider all such experiences as negative. Almost certainly the positive interpretations would be expanded considerably.


• ( https link ) 2 recent studies and an overlooked older study

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