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On boys vs. girls

Posted by Explorer on Monday, February 05 2018 at 3:07:40PM
In reply to it appears posted by sadlife on Monday, February 05 2018 at 11:16:39AM

I think I should repeat here what I have already said on Tom's blog:

"It should be noted that the rate of the girls’ positive responses (26%) in Finnish study was still more than twice higher than in the Rind et al. meta-analysis (there, positive reactions of girls were reported only at 11% level).

Given that the rate of boys’ positive memories has also almost doubled in the Finnish study (71% against 37% in Rind et al.), I tend to think that the results reflect the more sex-positive and body-accepting (as far as I know) culture of Scandinavian countries, compared to the more puritanical Anglophone ones.

Yet, it is still a Western culture, and therefore girls are still much more intensely and pervasively indoctrinated in sex-shame and body-anxiety than boys are."

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