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She will get what she wants

Posted by rainbowloom on Monday, February 05 2018 at 7:38:14PM
In reply to she might not posted by sadlife on Monday, February 05 2018 at 11:46:00AM

My girl is made of iron and steel.

She's had a crush on me since she was 5.

I told her she was wrong to want that at 8, and she flatly disagreed.

Now she's straight up telling me, seriously, "we should do it".

I don't believe her inclinations are going to lessen with time. :)

If anything, she might change her mind of her own accord. But I doubt it.

Unless I fuck up big time somehow.

Nah. She wants me forever and for always. I told her she could have me as long as she wants and then throw me out when she was finished. This one's here to stay. I believe it in my heart of hearts.

Thanks for the love and support, fam. It means a lot anyhow.

~ Rainbow

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