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I thought about that many times.

Posted by Balto on Friday, February 09 2018 at 1:32:34PM
In reply to waiting patiently posted by sadlife on Friday, February 09 2018 at 1:16:04PM

I think if I romantically pursued another girl she would be very upset. So I won't. Nor do I have any desire to.

But I don't stop her from hanging around or flirting with other boys - that would be insane. For that matter, I don't have / wouldn't want that kind of control or power over an individual.

She used to bring me around her friends a lot. That's part of how she found out that I like younger girls.

It doesn't bother her at all knowing that's my thing and I have assured her that I am faithful to her in an emotional sense. Part of the negotiation in figuring out what our relationship means to us was discussing this. My position was / is that she could have me as long as she wants and throw me out at any time in the future with no hard feelings.

I might stumble across other Little Girl Friends who need my help, support, and attention. I wouldn't withhold that.

I'm still a girllover.

But my romantic love is hers now, Forever and For Always, until she lets me go either directly or by signaling that she has done so through her own romantic pursuit of someone else.

She will always have a place to go no matter what. Before we were lovers we were, in every possible sense of the term, best friends.

It's rock solid.

~ Rainbow

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