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2018 Feb: Not a bad word

Posted by Hajduk on Wednesday, February 21 2018 at 10:11:15PM

Pedophilia is not a bad word. The love of children isn't bad.

Pederasty is not a bad word. Sexual liaisons with minors aren't bad by themselves.

Grooming is not a bad word. Listening to a Girl, understanding her, helping her get through beautiful and wonderful but difficult and stressful years of her life isn't bad.

Sexting is not a bad word. Sharing a pic and mutually fantasizing about it is safer than any meatspace physical contact will ever be, even with someone generally reliable.

Intergenerational is not a bad word. An experienced, wise, savvier, more decentered adult is preferrable to a fumbling, ignorant, self centered peer. Ignorance is not evil, but "never attribute to evil that which can be attributed to ignorance"; they often have similar effects.

I'm on the right side, of history, of ethics, of biology, and (sorry) of religion.

I will keep fighting on the right side. Today and tomorrow and the day after. Forever until God calls me.

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