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No disagreements here so much as...

Posted by Dissident on Thursday, February 22 2018 at 09:24:08AM
In reply to new breed posted by luvme2times on Wednesday, February 21 2018 at 0:32:16PM

... an urge to caution. Rainbow is indeed empowered and embracing of his feelings and identity. That is a good thing. I also embrace the same, though I have chosen a different path than him towards the goal of forging a new reality, because that path happens to work better for me and also decreases the chances I will be falsely accused of something, or get in the middle of the type of domestic fracas Rainbow is now in, which I do not need. However, my path comes with its own set of sacrifices that often leave me no less frustrated than him, of course.

I cannot, and do not, expect Rainbow or everyone in the community to follow my path, but simply to understand why I have chosen it and to see it as one viable path that can have benefit for some of us. I am working to understand why Rainbow has chosen his particular alternative out-of-the-toybox path, and I am coming to forge this understanding as I continue to offer him support. At the same time, because he is a friend and a valued member of our community (as we all are), I worry about him due to the risks he has taken on as part of this path, and I feel bad seeing him dealing with the emotional fall-out of this choice. He's in too deep to get off the path now, of course, and I can only hope to give him all the support he needs to navigate through the problems as safely and surely as possible as he continues down the difficult road that love has taken him. And I will continue to endeavor encouraging him to never lose sight of the goodness of his soul and the validity of his feelings as his journey continues.


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