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Opinions are not created equal

Posted by Hajduk on Monday, February 26 2018 at 1:42:06PM
In reply to hardly everyone posted by manbot on Monday, February 26 2018 at 08:44:28AM

Dissident's post did NOT even contain a plea we all join the communist party, much less join his religion.

I think it should be obvious that "pray for" means in the context, that I'm asking for a show of solidarity, not really for a prayer, and even less forcing people to pray as I would. In this context it's gratuitous to focus on how your beliefs and mine differ and that because of that you regard prayers as ineffective.

Legal knowledge is surely not required, merely a big mouth and little impulse control.

Yeah, according to you, that everyone has an opinion means that every opinion is equally valid and worthy.

(In fact, I asked the lawyer whom I asked not just, not primarily, for their extension of legal knowledge or experience; but because he would understand the whole situation around it better)

By the conditionals you defend, she obviously was. Being a pedophile is irrelevant, what matters are claims to longtime membership, harem-size and being out.

"Hey guys, everyone around me knows I'm a pedo, except my LGF's parents, and now they told my LGF's parents and they're mad at me and banned me from her life, what do I do?"
"Hey nobody knows I'm a pedo, but do X"
"Hey I've never had a LGF, but do Y"
"Hey I've only been a member of the community for three days, but do Z"
"Hey I'm out to everyone in my life, have had LGFs and been on GC for years, so my opinion is more informed than yours"
"Omg this guy is gagging us! We don't have free speech!"

Anyway, I'm tired of fighting. Same as I told Dissident I'll never again mention politics here, I'll never again give people advice either, lest I infringe on your free speech.

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