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What he said...

Posted by Dante on Tuesday, February 27 2018 at 0:09:17PM
In reply to To this day... posted by Dissident on Sunday, February 25 2018 at 04:49:53AM

I'm eternally hopeful for the Mouse and often disappointed.

Unlike--say, HBO--they don't seem to have a clue as to how to succeed reliably. ( Of course I AM NOT their target demographic. So they prolly don't give a rat's patootie. )

But their recent Zombie musical reduces the undead to the uncool ( and by "uncool" read "cooler than the squares." ) At least the Vanessa Hudgens horror-comedy Freaks of Nature got the idea of using Zombies as a social clique without betraying what makes them zombies in the first place.

And don't get me started on The Descendants franchise. If you saw Jafar's schemes in Aladdin to conjugally coerce Princess Jasmine by mind-controlling her father and then herself, you can't help but think that his son must be the product of a successful rape.

Anywho, despite their efforts, they also produce some shows that are fun, and even a few that are excellent.

Nick seems to be foundering even more these days. After the Sam and Cat debacle, their lone genius Dan Schneider's current work is not as great, nor as girlcentric as it once was.



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