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Slight correction...

Posted by jd420 on Thursday, March 01 2018 at 07:26:24AM
In reply to Dustin Hoffman's neighbors posted by Dante on Tuesday, February 27 2018 at 2:21:45PM

An added incentive, is the likelihood that the alternative requires a degree of competence which has caused many a would be murderer to blow themselves up.

The prime rule of explosives is not competence, but small batch size. One should assume that all energetic compounds will reach their most energetically-stable state, and plan for this to be non-catastrophic in manufacture and storage - anything that is not active demolitions deployment.

Militaries tend to fail this (which is exploitable, btw), in no small part because they are generally not about engendering competence within the troops. Might make them AWOL, might make them rebel.

Just... wouldn't want anyone on the board to be in error in illegal arms manufacture. Not on the safety protocols.


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