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Posted by Dante on Friday, March 02 2018 at 01:38:07AM
In reply to amateurs vs. professionals posted by Baldur on Wednesday, February 28 2018 at 02:27:25AM

"Most conservatives seem fine with minorities being armed for their self-protection, though they draw the line when it comes to groups advocating murder or theft. How does that fit the "racist" narrative?"

Despite what I've been saying, I haven't gone soft in the head enough to start talking about "all conservatives" or even conservatism in sweeping terms.

And while I am a Libertarian who came to it from the Left, I'm still hopeful that the real conservatives can manage to wrestle the Republican Party away from this alt-right reality-TV version led by a New York librul real-estate tycoon who has never found a principle he won't betray.

Naw, I was specifically talking about NRA actions and inaction.

The danger lies in assuming here that it all IS conservatism, just as the opposition always has. This leaves people who once had a spine to start supporting anything and everything.

Fortunately there are still conservatives with spines.

Perhaps its time for the conscience-Whigs to come back. :)



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