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Re: Largely legitimate targeting..

Posted by Eeyore on Saturday, March 03 2018 at 00:22:09AM
In reply to Largely legitimate targeting.. posted by jd420 on Friday, March 02 2018 at 04:53:45AM

Wow. Not sure how to reply to that, jd. Reality tells me that guy's three daughters didn't all consent to whatever Nasser did to them. Even as a GL'er I can relate to the father's response.

Do I think some of the girls weren't abused but are out for a payout? Of course. Do I suspect some of them are embellishing what actually happened? I do. On the other hand, how would anyone who really cares try to defend capitalizing on an assembly line of girls who were required to get naked in front of some guy and just submit to whatever he was doing to them in the name of medical necessity? Where's your dislike for gluttony, for opportunism, for seeing every girl as new meat and not giving a crap about how they deal with the experience emotionally? That's to say nothing of defying his hippocratic oath.

I've probably been known to joke about such opportunities, but would never actually do such a thing, nor defend actual examples of it.

No, girls deserve respect and actual love. Just my opinion.


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