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Re: Virtuous Pedophile Is Not Working For Me

Posted by Eeyore on Sunday, March 04 2018 at 02:32:01AM
In reply to Virtuous Pedophile Is Not Working For Me posted by greenfield on Sunday, March 04 2018 at 01:48:12AM

I tend to feel bad for tortured souls who cannot distinguish between socially constructed taboos and more universally held ones (such as murder and the like). I think it's not so difficult to accept oneself while still agreeing to obey whatever current laws exist. I'm not positive where they stand on that.

The unfortunate part of all their hard work is that such promises still don't seem to win them any points within greater society, which almost seems like the failure of the professionals they've worked with to make any headway like has been done for homosexuality. Still, maybe it keeps them out of jail, which is no small potatoes.

Like religion though, I have no problem with people finding solace or inner peace where it speaks to them. The problem only arises when others start demanding that their way is the only true path, and that I get in line behind their personal truths. I don't think they do that, so I don't really care. Some will find what they need there, and others won't. It's all the same to me. At least they are looking for answers and trying to help others. Better than believing something we prefer and doing absolutely nothing about it, right?

On the other hand, there's much less resistance when your goals are to appease those who would seek to shut you down for disagreeing with them, so any alternative groups would obviously have a much more difficult time surviving above ground, and wouldn't receive the same recognition for their length of endurance or success in the face of extreme neverending hatred, would they.

Eh, no harm no foul. I don't know them very well. Others might have better insights about them.


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