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Listen up

Posted by Balto on Thursday, March 08 2018 at 10:48:35PM

Does it not occur to anyone that I might just be the kind of guy kids are attracted to?

First of all, I'm great with kids. I love them, I look after them, I play with them, I teach them things, I'm always candid with them, I'm not afraid to be physically affectionate which is something that most children these days are sorely lacking because of our structured education system; I show authority in subtle ways that aren't disrespectful or physically or emotionally demeaning or humiliating to kids.

My way is to be authoritative through modeling actual good leadership rather than making everyone so miserable by commanding a situation aggressively like a big dictator and subjecting innocents to physically and emotionally cruel forms of punishment.

I listen to kids, I let them do things within reason and within certain boundaries of what I believe to be safe; I help them resolve their own conflicts and make friends; I respect their emotions, I value their opinions, I don't judge them (which is a luxury that most children don't even have access too); I earn their trust by not lying to them about mundane things.

I see physical and emotional abuse for what it is and actually take action and speak out against it, which is sadly not socially acceptable even though it should really be a moral truth.

I am biased against authority, and I routinely take sides with kids against adults in conflicts, often because they have valid points worth being taken into account but a prideful parents who are incapable of admitting their wrongs - which I think is pretty pathetic, although that's just a product of growing up with my Mom, and being able to really see the amount of hypocrisy and straight-up deceit and manipulation that people just get away with when their targets are defenseless, and all the other horrible ways parents resort to handling children when they can't handle their own stress.

I am against structured education.

I advocate for children's autonomy and as many rights as they can get.

And I am all of that while still maintaining a personality that others can generally respect.

I somehow manage to be very chill and calm most of the time and I always keep my head during any kind of crisis.

I am a free spirit who smokes weed and plays guitar and sings beautifully and writes poetry. I'm talented at creative things.

I actually enjoy my time with kids, instead of objectifying them and enjoying the thought but failing to actually take part on a genuinely happy level. (It's shocking just how often people do that to kids).

On top of all that, I'm smart in ways that children appreciate, charming and good-looking as well, and I always speak with them one-to-one and in a very polite and courteous manner.

Is it really so difficult to see how a person like me would attract young girls and be attracted to them?

Is it really so difficult to see how a relationship developed between a person like me and a young girl that involved many instances of strong emotional support, many instances of friendship, some amount of having grown up together, even a close bond over some specific interests, plus early-onset puberty would eventually equal up to something a bit romantic? Even just a little? Or could it even equal up to a lot in some cases? Just because something might not generally happen doesn't mean it never happens. Even an eventual sexual interaction is not that far fetched, truthfully.

I'm not saying that the romantic part is basically good - I'm saying it's neutral at best in most scenarios and may be somewhat good in some rarer scenarios. And I'm saying that if you really take into consideration how great everything else is, even coupled with the haphazard romantic bit the thing taken in its entirety is still extraordinarily beneficial to a child's overall well-being. I never feel obligated to pull away from supporting a young girl supposing that things start to feel romantic. Sometimes I am forced to because there are social implications and risk of legal action.

But that's largely just parents connecting pedophilia to rape and child sexual abuse or even lascivious behavior generally by referring to a stereotyped image of how pedophiles behave, perhaps experiencing on reflex some sexualized thoughts towards young people (which is actually completely okay, we don't have any control over thought) feeling grossed out because it's not what they are sexually interested by, saying in response to that feeling the ultimately prejudiced "it's wrong", and then proceeding to act out a moral hysteria because they somehow sense that their cult of superiority is being threatened by someone and they don't have any real rational way to stop it.

But I am happy being who I am and little girls seem to like me a lot so I'm just gonna keep rolling with it.

In the end, you'll see love where you want to see it.

And if you're gonna act like the person who's pretty much the best with kids shouldn't ever be around them because of the potential for some amount of romantic interaction with young girls, I see that as pretty selfish and pretty dehumanizing to me as well said girls.

Frankly: you may be surprised to discover I'm a pedophile, but I should really be the one surprised to discover you care.

~ Balto

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