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Well, this is interesting...

Posted by jd420 on Saturday, March 10 2018 at 07:37:46AM

It seems someone has been messing around on the streets of Hamilton, Ontario.

This, of course, was immediately met with an attack on a local library...

Why does this relate to us? Well, basically, Hamilton is one of the MANY surrounding towns which is fucking friendly. (unlike socal and oz, toronto is unanswered for their role in the national socialist underground murders; I... kinda had to check it out).

Bluntly, whatever we are the left, on either side of the relationship. This is one of many towns where it is strong. The free skool...

...based itself on industrial workers and lbl when designing a logo, and the few hundred nearest organizations look a lot the same.

Hell, even their business support rally propaganda...

...revolves around black bloc loli/androgyne committing illegal graffiti.

The organization that was hit, otoh, not so much. From...

there have been two random stabbings of women in the last few days as well. It's beyond disgusting to see conversations about artisan donuts being prioritized over conversations about violence

Good so far...

against women.

...umm, no. Just like Dove's campaign for real beauty was visibly dead when the male interviewee said "women are beautiful" rather than "I am beautiful," so too, would any legitimate left space no a little bit more about avoiding special classes, agency, othering, and the like to ever say that.

The Tower is and was corrupt.

Moving on to other things of interest...

"To all the undoubtedly sincere and principled anti-capitalists on the internet who wonder why the Starbucks didn't get smashed but all the poor, sweet small businesses did, it's only because it was just a bit too far north. My one regret from the evening."

The petit artisan has long been considered a bulwark againt global capitalist rule by anarchism. It's a little ways from agorism/mutualism, but not completely much. The neighborhood in question, furthermore, was according to intel not undergoing any gentrification, but staying, well, dead middle historically.

So, we can deduce a few more things; the group that attacked the tower and the group that attacked the shops are the same group, are likely from out of town, and the Tower is confirmed corrupt.

The most interesting thing about this is that a completely-fictionalized (specifically, staged, with some extra fraud) attempt to touch off a civil war was met by... gender-nonconforming loli. who were completely bloc'd up. One may presume that this was probably the businesses' response, since it made it in the paper, and as a feel-good piece at that.

On the other side... Rose City Antifa

...puget sound anarchists...

...and the PNW antifascist workers' collective...

...are all fucking corrupt.

There are a few things that are goddamn hilarious about this. One is that the majority of seatac, or portland, or oly, are NOT exactly places I would be frightened to spend time cavorting with an unrelated child. Or, for that matter, buy a pride necklace over the counter. In fact, there is almost nowhere on the pacific that's all that bad; the exceptions are all in the southern north valley; Salem (which staged a "let's raid planned parenthoods' everything" to commemorate the Trump election) and "you'd better be white" Springfield are the only places I'd be afraid to walk.

~shrug~ South valley's a shithole. Maybe OC reformed.

What makes this even more interesting... this is what Rose City Antifa was saying last summer...

The history of baiting is long and varied across different contexts, but it uses fake scare-tactics to disguise violent persecution behind popular outrage. Playing on fears of communism, terrorism, satanism, or pedophilia at different times, this practice uses a moral enemy to target political opponents for a rampaging mob.

...kicked over in December 2017. PNWAFWC was the first to go corrupt (October 2017), and PSA gave the linkback, so... maybe it's a cry for help.

They are, however, continuing...

...and thinks that anyone that got their dick sucked in middle school is a "pedophile," not that the asshole didn't participate in a fraud on Ender. Who is boring, but fuck manchester.

Thus, I make a simple proposal :

- These organizations, and the groups they stage street fights with, are together a single organization.

- They comprise a military force moving throughout the Pacific, operated out of Saskatchewan. (as was PJ, btw. run by a 'right to life' front)

Luckily, there's a few thousand at best, and on the fake left, well... corrupting "leadership" of a leaderless movement is surprisingly useless. Since we have the entry point, we... can start mapping the network pretty easily.

As for Hamilton, and the other very friendly cities and towns on the peninsula? They're fairly safe; the force was from out of town, is out of town again, and the civil war they hoped to touch off was unsuccessful. Maybe the anarchists will teach the business owners about a thing called "mutual aid."

Though with the Tower precorrupted as preparation, it isn't COMPLETELY sure. Just vastly so. Tracking the connections and spread of the army in the pacific back to its home is probably more important.

In other news...

...I have no idea whether our guys did this, or if it was that giant, hostile army which moved into Brazil recently...

...but I'm glad to hear the FARC has reversed its position on promoting hatred, again.

Action's in the pacific, it seems. And the hostile forces are dumb enough to believe their own propaganda.


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