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Children's physical autonomy

Posted by Balto on Sunday, March 11 2018 at 09:36:55AM

Remembering how I was raised, and witnessing how other children around me are being raised, it is troubling to see the lack of respect that adults often display for children's physical autonomy.

They are treated like dolls more so than people; especially with girls, the physical affection they would normally show willingly is more often than not treated like a commodity to be shared liberally among extended family without the child's consent. They are compelled or even coerced in uncomfortable standoffs with those who command authority - even, mark my ears, by the threat of physical punishment - to kiss, hug, or otherwise allow themselves to be handled by relatives old and young who have no real relationship to the child and have not put in the time and effort needed to make another human being feel remotely comfortable with such close forms of expression and commit to them of their own accord.

As the first person in her growing circle of relationships to not take from her without asking or resort to bullying her into giving up her kisses and hugs, it is no secret why she sees in me someone she can trust without fail.

To even ask for such a thing might seem like a betrayal (of course, if she said no I would actually respect that - so then again maybe not). Either way, what's right is to respect her as a person basically and allow her the freedom to express closeness willingly should she feel so inclined, since freedom over her own body is not something she is usually granted at this age.

To stand her up in front of Grandma and present her like prized cattle, and spend five minutes trying to pressure her into kissing Grandma or letting Grandma kiss her - and then, when it's not working and everything looks awkward and uncomfortable, to turn her around and threaten to slap her into obedience as if she is somehow in the wrong, is child abuse.

The reason why nons assume that pedophiles want to take advantage of children in a specific way that applies to their perceived interests is because most nons can't possibly imagine how someone else can have so much respect for a child's physical autonomy that they would see it in equal terms with their own (human), and would want any affection only so much as it was given willingly and in time with real relationship building rather than abuse out of frustration in trying to have some sort of personal image fulfilled in their name.

There is a big difference between a gentle, kind touch in instinctive response to a child's and forced touch, even if done gently enough so as not to actually injure them. And children can sense that, and they are drawn to it like magnets.

It's the former, real nurturing that children are deprived of in this culture - not the latter sorry excuse for humane treatment, which is very sad.

Children can't consent? No - YOU don't teach them consent, YOU don't let them consent, and THAT is YOUR PROBLEM.

But don't forget that we, as pedos, are the antidote.

When a beautiful little person enters your presence, be that gentle touch that waits.

Be the quiet ears that listen.

Be the kind eyes that know.

Be the one who asks permission.

Be the one who DOESN'T molest her.

~ Balto

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