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Posted by Trillion on Sunday, March 18 2018 at 00:32:44AM
In reply to mid March 2018. the girls. and GC posted by Hajduk on Saturday, March 17 2018 at 02:26:38AM

Hey, Hajduk/rainbow ('cos I think you may be one and the same).

I have read your posts, I have been reading for the past few days, and I went through something similar, although it was some 30 years ago, and she was not related to me. But I did love her very much indeed, and it turned bad.

I feel for you, I really so much do.

But, I'm gonna be perhaps brutal with you , because I care about you. First, you may not see your girl again. Second, they might turn her against you. Third, if they turn her, she might actually end up speaking against you.

That is harsh, and I am being very harsh and brutal with you. That is because I am your friend.

You might think that because it all went sour for me, that I want it all to be so for you. That is very, very far from the truth. I want to see you re-united with your girl, if that is possible.

But I need to tell you that the most likely thing is:

You will be separated from your girl, until she is at least 16 or 18 years old;

That you will be vilified by those in control of her life, not just now, but forever;

The sadists that control this kind of thing will try to turn the girl against you;

That those SOBs in control of her life will most likely want to see you face some kind of litigation, whether civil or criminal, exactly because of their intolerance to our kind.

It won't matter if you've done anything wrong, they will want their 'vengeance', or as they will call it 'justice'.

You must stand firm. Unless you have taken advantage of the girl (from what you say, you haven't)( you have done nothing wrong.

We cannot help who we fall in love with , my dear, and the burden of guilt is on those who will not or do not understand that...

You must also be strong enough to understand that you may never see the girl again, and to tolerate this - not only to tolerate this - but for it not to let you stop you seeing another girl, again.

You must also realise that you are a credit to girl-kind, and that you have much to offer them.

You must also understand that in being a credit to girl-kind, you are also an incredible boost to humanity;

You must also realise that, as hard on you as this is at the moment, just like me in few a years time you will be carrying on, despite the bastards that are trying to knock you down;

And that given a few years, you will just as bullet-proof - no, nuclear bomb-proof - as I am.

Look, you will make it, lad.

I'm being as hard as shit on you but that's because I know damn well you can make it. If I thought you were crumbly, I wouldn't be saying this...

I am on your side.

I am sworn to defend you.

I will take the sword for you.

I would forsake my faith for you.

You are my kindred.

You are me.

Much love,


PS I know that everyone on GC will hate me for this, but I don't care. I am actually trying to do what's right by you, so sod 'em.

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