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And also

Posted by rainbowloom on Wednesday, March 21 2018 at 2:21:59PM
In reply to Also posted by rainbowloom on Tuesday, March 20 2018 at 2:29:16PM

Tell her - at some point, after establishing some kind of relationship - that if she has any questions about anything she knows, she can ask you and you will try and help her come to a better understanding. And that goes forever.

I'm not saying you have to say those words exactly, but that's the kind of defensible yet mutually rewarding type of relationship you want.

There are always exceptions to the rules.

And one last thing, regarding my personal situation: I see that my family is in fact recognizing the relationship by their very act of trying to undo it.

That in itself is a key point.

Even if I still have to take all the blame for the fact that it grosses them out so much they see it as a universal negative even when it's arguably the opposite. . . .

But then they fuck it up by treating the situation in the worst way possible (even if not to an extreme, which I do still appreciate), and claim that it was all fucked up by nature in the first place. (Lol.)

Now that's an insult.

That's enough of an insult that it makes me want to kill myself whenever I think about it.

But back up - whoever said being a pedophile made you a fucked up person? I thought pedophiles weren't statistically same thing as sexual predators and child molesters (the only part of the statistical evidence that ever really mattered - ever since we pretended like that wasn't the case we've been treating them both as one and the same).

Failure to recognize the facts in favor of a convenient moral condemnation with endless loopholes is right?

Meditate on that.

Objectifying pedophiles makes it easier to believe yourself out of that quandary. But when you're thinking about pedophiles as people . . . that's when you've got yourself in a horrible mess.

And you can't just objectify that one part of me either.

Pedophiles are people who may in fact do good things but will always be rewarded for it with pain.

That's what you're telling me?

~ rainbowloom

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