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Posted by Baldur on Saturday, March 24 2018 at 00:44:10AM
In reply to Math posted by rainbowloom on Friday, March 23 2018 at 1:47:47PM

Some interesting numbers, but Seto dramatically underestimates the number of pedophiles in the world - though of course there are all sorts of qualifiers regarding how we define pedophiles. 5% is probably a reasonable number for exclusive pedophiles, but we know from other sources that close to 90% of men sometimes are sexually attracted to prepubescent girls, and between 20% and 32% of men are at least as attracted to prepubescent girls as they are to women. That has been known since at least 1990.

If we square those numbers with the claims presented here, or with the claims made in FBI agent Ken Lanning's research over a quarter century ago (in which, adjusting for the choice of terms he used we find that 80% of sexual abusers of children were not attracted to children at all) we find rough parity between pedophiles and non-pedophiles in sexually abusing children - which is to say that pedophiles appear to be no more likely to sexually abuse children than non-pedophiles, and are possibly a little less likely to do so. Of course we will need to have an atmosphere in which better research can be done before we have more reliable numbers.


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