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Favorite pedo-friendly classic tv shows?

Posted by Eeyore on Saturday, March 24 2018 at 06:31:46AM

I've posted about my fascination with it before, but Popular Mechanics For Kids seemed to me to have a subconcious undercurrent of sexual innuendo. Hosted by some boy and a little known 11 or 12-ish hottie girl by the name of Elisha Cuthbert, they explored interesting topics of how things worked, with a delightfully confident Elisha, often interviewing adult male subjects to explain how things operated, and lots of banter that seemed like it could be interpreted more than one way. She not only seemed to flirt a bit with adult males, but humorously diss her same aged male co-host for not being up to her standards. I think there are a few episodes on Youtube.

Elisha has trudged on with a Hollywood career. I remember one film she did with another not so famous former child star I loved, named Camilla Belle, called The Quiet. It was about some girl being molested by her dad and the other girl is deaf and mute if I remember, but the plot is so cheesy that it was still easy to lust after two young starlets that I was a total fanboy for. Camilla was way hotter in some earlier campy Dizney movie about a surfer girl who finds summer love or some such, but getting back to my original suggestion...

I still remain amazed that PMfK has the lines that it did. I am curious for feedback, if any other girl lovers get the same impression. I was watching an episode about roller coasters for old times' sake, and some of her lines made my jaw drop:) I feel like she is blacklisted or gets shitty roles as an adult. I don;t know what she thinks of her original pedo fans who she was surely aware of at the time, so I don't know if I should feel sympathy for her or not.

I am also highly interested in any other programs past or present which my fellow GL's believe to have a sub-theme that interests us and flies under the radar of haters.


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