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Re: Naive Architecture

Posted by Eeyore on Monday, March 26 2018 at 00:17:57AM
In reply to Naive Architecture posted by Dante on Sunday, March 25 2018 at 06:38:35AM

It is unfortunate, because it was out of visual range enough to not bother anyone's experience of the wilderness, but simply because it has a relation to pedophilia, it will surely be torn down with nobody willing to demand otherwise. Even if they don't, it will now be vandalized as the animals of western society will do every time. Hopefully more photos of it exist and can be gathered together for some sort of historical record for the future.

I do know of crazy structures which have been created, from some monstrosity near the Salton Sea to some other old eccentric man in Italy who's been building a cathedral with his own money for over 50 years.

Oh well. Maybe someone in the future will get the same idea and build their enchanted treehouse deeper in the wilderness where it is not visible from any footpaths. Of course, they should take care not to harm the local environment in any way, and hopefully they will decorate with artistic wall hangings which did not harm any girls in their creation.

I do recommend locating the story of the guy who is building a cathedral. It is worth it. He had almost no building experience, and despite its giant size, it is not structurally safe. He's poured millions of his own money into it, and his own family shuns him for his obsession with it.


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