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Puro feminista.

Posted by jd420 on Tuesday, March 27 2018 at 8:53:37PM
In reply to "patriarchy" posted by Eeyore on Monday, March 26 2018 at 04:10:49AM

Fish without bicycles = fish without mothers.

in that community

No. Do you want trillions of chapters? No. They are not in fact in that community. End of, if you try it sometime, you'll see.

Hell, let's do a little exercise, type the following for your own practice : "a child can leave its mother, and go live with another one of the sisters for a few years." Type it. Try.

I can write you chapters, and chapters, and chapters, and... ,. None of it is remotely new.

Patriarchy and rape by the heterosexual head of household is the literal documentable anti position, sole, and I just told you straight out which community made the claim or story you mention. Try it. Type out the practice sentence above...


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